INNOVATE & IGNITE: Matchmaker Registration

September 28


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General Information

Matchmaker meetings opens on September 11, 2017 For more information on Matchmaker meetings contact:
Jennifer Popowycz, New Certification Manager, WBE Canada, or Judy Carswell, Certification Manager, WBE Canada,

Seeking procurement matches for your products and/or services, or a partner to facilitate bidding on large procurement RFPs?

Innovate + Ignite 2017 presents more ways than ever to match up with Industry and Expert Roundtables, 1-1 Matchmaker meetings and the reception.

Are you certified WBE Canada?

Certified WBEs / Members and invited Corporations can schedule 1-1 Matchmaker meetings throughout the day using My Business Matches. These meetings are 10 mins in length, and the ‘Buyer’ organization will make the final determinations whether to accept a meeting. WBE Canada is not involved in that determination.

To be eligible for Matchmaker Meetings, the business must have current and valid WBE Canada Certification and registered for the FULL EVENT (Conference & Matchmaker). The additional cost of $100 per person/matchmaker meeting access.

Once registered you will receive an email after July 11, 2017, inviting you to register in the My Business Matches portal.